Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I met her!

The one and only....ELISABETH MILLER, baby! :D Her she is! we got pictures together! :') yayayayaay! <3

 Yes, I love Lizzie. Shes amazing! Several people asked if we were sisters. haha! I had to say yes. :) I miss her beautiful face, her hugs...and even her kisses. She was so amazing. I cannot wait to see her again. I have never felt so close to someone in my life. When we saw each other we screamed and cried. Oh, how I miss her. :') I loved it. We were insane. We ran around the hotel, yelled, laughed, scared poor old men, and named a pole Queen Bieber. Our randomness came to life! :D

It was so hard to say goodbye. I cried like crazy. We hugged and hugged. The last night, she slept in our hotel room and I didn't want to let go of her hand. I held it after she fell asleep.....I am kinda creepy. But, I really cannot let her leave again. I asked myself why I couldn't live by her and see my best friend everyday. :'( In the morning I was so depressed. She is my sister and I will always call her that. Next time I see her, I will be so happy! I can't wait. I miss you so much, Elisabeth. You are amazing. I will always care for you! Another thing that made me love her so much was how she comforted me. Even though she was hurting as much as I was when we had to go, she hugged me and told me it was going to be okay. She is tough. I thought I was....but I guess not. haha! I wanted to hold onto her. I almost didn't let go. I wanted to be dragged from her, if they could even get me off her. I wanted to not let go...ever. I miss her.....but she will always be my favorite person in the whole entire world.

Yes, I met my best friend. She was amazing. It was the BEST week of my life. :) I miss her so much! I love you Lizzie, dear. <3333 I will never forget her! She was co cute! We will be friends forever. I am sure of it. :) I have not been talking to her lately. :( We are both so busy. It is driving me crazy. I need me some Elisabeth Miller, baby!!!!
hahahaha! I bonked her on the head! Sorry babe! :) This was a musical we went to at the Sight and Sound Theater. It was awesome! We laughed at stupid stuff in it...even though no one but us thought it was funny. We were just alike!

So, I am kinda of obsessed with her! Yeah, just if you did not know I was....I am. I AM! I am going crazy. She is just too cute. Don't you agree? We both love soda too. She is holding a Doctor Pepper. I spilled mine.....in the hotel chair. Pic fale....for sure!!! I got it all over my pants. I looked like I had peed out the back of my pants. Lizzie came up with this great idea for me to go stick my butt under the intense hand dryer thingy in the ladies bathroom. I looked like an idiot. It worked though!!! Gotta love us. :) Our friend Elijah took like 15 min. before he got napkins for the chair. Theres a guy for ya'! He walked right into a wedding that was going on at the hotel to get them too. They were so small and barely did any help...good job, baby boy. Good job. <3 I miss Lizzie's great ideas and funny comments. Her laugh was so stinking adorable! I loved it! I wish I could listen to her laugh all day.....she is awesome like that. So, next time we video chat I am making her laugh as much as I can! I love it! <33

Good times....good times, my dear! When we were taking these, a guy next to us was like o.O Yeah, it was funny. I took a picture of him. I can be stalkerish. Being a stalker is awesome. Not as awesome as Lizz though! :) <3

haha! Kisses anyone?! <3

Our last day together....^^ So sad! :'( 

Lizzie, you are so beautiful. I miss you! Come see me! 
I wish I could hug her. :') Well, I have much more to show yall, but this is enough for now! <3 


  1. lol my voice in that video is like really really high!

  2. you guys r so random....:)