Clothes and Such!

Hey girls! or...boys? ha ha! This is a blog post thingy...on clothes. Like fashion. We might have the heels, flats, flip flop stuff....and even sandals. Lizzie and I are from two different places, so our clothes might be different! Because I am from Florida, I like summer clothes, such as tanks and flats.
Favorite Stores (Lizzie and mine):
-American Eagle
-Forever 21
-JC Pennies
-Ann Taylor Loft

Starting at American Eagle...They have a lot of summer clothes coming out. Yesterday, I got a neon yellow shirt to go with Vans, Toms, Flip flops, and jeans. ;) It turned out pretty cute!!!!!

I like this skirt a lot too:

It is from Forever 21. I am in love with it. I would wear it with a grey shirt. :)

NOW....FOR SHOES. I think Lizzie likes heels....sorry people...but....I HATE them. YES, I SAID IT. I  almost never wear them. I have one black pair. Just one....And I will prob only wear them to a dance or a fancy dinner. lol

Jeans are amazing. I like skinny jeans usually. They go with everything, except for Sperry's shoes. Sperry's are amazing.
I wear my skinny jeans with flats or Vans. I do not like to wear them with flip flops because I think it looks a tad bit funny....just sayin' haha. Sperry's look awesome with jeans shorts or flare jeans too.

These are my favorite pair of jeans:

They are from Pacsun. They are Bullhead Hermosa Super Skinny Jeans. I. Am. In. Love. With. Them. <3 But, you see, we have a problem.
1. Long legged jeans (I have short legs)
2. I can fit into a smaller size than actually looks good on me
3. Not everyone can pull off skinny jeans

-When I went to try on a pair of jeans, they were a R (regular) length. I wear a S (short).
-Too tight, looks ugly. It makes people look fatter than what they really are.
-Some girls have big thighs and small feet. *cough cough* No skinny jeans for you. You might need flare: Sarah might not like high heels but I adore them! I found the cutest pair of red stilettos and I ABSOLUTELY loved them. Which is saying a lot because I do not have any bright colored shoes. But I think I might actually need to buy these.  
Aren't they so adorably cute?? AGGG!!!!
So I found the cutest shoes ever and now I needed a dress. So I went computer shopping. Being so extremely picky, I did not find anything worthy of the red shoes until I hit Nordstrom. Needless to say, the dress is expensive, but it is absolutely adorably PERFECT for the red shoes. YEAH!!! CAH-YOOT!!

Now, I got some new epic...nail heard me..NAIL. THINGS. love it! uhhh huuu! :D they are adorable. i <3 them! i also got some nail polish....i do NOT wear the pink and red together...thank goodness! Them two not. match. o.O

The nail "stickers" are actually dried nail polish. They peal off and you file them down to fit your nail. It is perfect! They are not gross and fake and they feel just like your wearing normal polish.

Xtreme Wear is like...EPIC. It is amazing! The colors are bright...and it doesn't peal. It is strong and stays on for a long time. Its my favorite type of nail polish. <3