About Elisabeth

Hi there!

Ok, so my name is Elisabeth. I'm 15, like Sarah. Our birthdays are both in August which is SO awesome. I'm an entire 8 days older than her and, I must admit, it is SOOOO much fun to tease her about that. I will tr to refrain though, Sarah. Cuz I love you :)

But anyway, we are like bestest buddies and nothing separates us, except for the unfortunate fact that she lives in FL and I live in TX. It really really stinks. I want to live in Florida! Where it is green, and beachy, and awesome....but I live in brown, plain, flat Texas. Where it gets extremely hot.

You are probably wondering how we met though, if she lives in Florida and I live in Texas. Well, she was in my summer class at Veritas Press. We were friends from the first. Literally. She's so happy and bubbly and fun to be around! Believe me, I know! And you can just talk to her and she's trustworthy, so you don't ever have to wonder, "If I tell her this, is everyone in her vicinity going to know too?" So that is totally awesome. If you are ever lonely, talk to Sarah!

So now what do I write about? Oh! right! my epicly tiny size. I am 5' tall. Tiny for a 14 year old. But then so is she! I didn't know that until recently, cuz she looks really tall! But she is really fun-sized! Which means were are even that much more alike. Short, blonde, blue-eyed, freckle-faced packages of pure, sweet awesomeness. That's right. Be jealous :P

Sarah is SO awesome. Really. Like she's pretty, and short, and funny, and and and adorable. Like I would hug her right now! *Cyber Hug!* But anyway, did I mention her epic talent of picture-taking? Well, she's like really really good. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. (OH! and btw, she'll tell you she's fat, but you are not allowed to listen to her because she is not! not at all!!)

Sounds pretty epic, doesn't she. But AHA! she's taken. By me. And you cannot have her because she is MINEEEEE. all mine. and she's like the best friend ever. Like EVER. in history. I mean, even robin hood wasn't better. and the fox was like my favorite person for years. him and tinkerbell.

we love beauty things. but not tooooo much makeup. because blondes with too much makeup look rly rly bad. and like, we cry so much and it would run down our faces and make us look like someone punched us in the eye. so eyeliner is a big WHAMO. nono.
Clothes are awesome. I love them, when I can find stuff in my size. uber short + uber skinny = hard to find cute clothes that fit. but I still LOVEEE shopping with a passion. Aero and AE...<3!! and I love converse!! like I am going to get some bright teal and black ones. I don't have anythin that it would go with, but hey! an outfit is built around the shoes. shoes are most importante.

But anyways, I have no idear about what to say now, so I think I will zip the mouth...or duct tape my fingers....so toodles!!