About Sarah

Hello wonderful people looking at these words of which I am typing! My name is Sarah...as you might have read when you clicked on that snazzy tab. I'm short...not really skinny.....unfortunately, but still short. I am a freaking 5' tall! Same as the beautiful Lizzy! I am 14. The age of a true teenager!!! Yes, I think 13 is not a real teen, because it is only the first year, you see. I think 14 is the bomb! Once you hit 14 years of age I will give you a pinch to grow an inch! I never got a pinch...I was happy about it at the time. I did not grow any though. That is a bummer. I have been this hight for like years. I was 11 years old and still 5'. I was a chubby kid though. I weighed for than all the guys and I did not even have any freaking curves yet!
I know...I know.....I am very creepy. I sent this to Elisabeth one day trying to act like insanely freaky. *MWA* I swear something is wrong with my eye there.....Oh well! I hope this does not scare you too much! I love you Lizzie!
My best friend is Elisabeth Miller. The wonderful, short, amazing, cute, tiny, adorable, beautiful, smart, hyper, random, crazy, insane, Elisabeth Miller is just like....EPIC!??!?! She is just perfect. But, you cannot have her. She is mine. You mess with my people and I will take you down. I am almost like a jealous girlfriend when it comes to Elisabeth...That sounded weird. Do not worry!!!! I am perfectly normal...kind of. You will get used to it! I met Elisabeth online. Yeppers...(not peppers, but yeppers people) I met her in my FRIST online class. We have been bestest friends from the very start. We look alike too! We both have freckles and are the same stinking hight. My face is taken over by tiny, light brown, funny looking….freckles. My cousin came up to me after learning about 911 and goes, “Sarah, why do you have ashes on your face?” I was in quite a bit of shock, knowing that I now looking like a poor person who had gotten blown up in a building. I could of blown up and had a huge fit if I wanted to. That’s what I usually do, you see. I go into a spazzim’ and I run around, pout, cry, whine, scream….and kick. I kick like crazy when I am mad! Sarah is all like, “RAWR….*KICK*” It is kind of funny after everyone has been taking to the hospital and bandaged up. Just kidding. I’m not that mean…sometimes….*cough…cough* I do kickboxing. I love it! MY thighs have become huge though. When I go to the beach all these people tell my my legs are very toned. It is a tad bit awkward. I am always kind about it, but then my sister and I walk away mumbling and making awkward glances. It is the funniest thing.

I dress weird. Like really unusual....it depends. Like, I could me emo or scene one day, but the next day preppy. I like stores that I can mix and match clothes with. Makeup is amazing too. NEVER WEAR A LOT OF EYELINER IF YOU ARE BLONDE! It looks bad. Like really...really....really ugly. You look horrible! When you cry, get water dumped on you, or go swimming, you end up looking like an angry raccoon. Get a life ugly girls with makeup problems! Oh! I also like Vans. Vans shoes are my life. I like Toms. Toms are awesome too! They go with everything if your not some stupid skater chick...o.O who wears too much eyeliner...teehee!
I am in love with pictures. Like...I could spend my whole day looking at wedding pictures and stuff. My camera is my life. It goes everywhere with me. Its like a tumor on my hip. But like if it is on my neck, it is a tumor on my...like...uummm....never mind. Next topic coming up!

So yes! I am Sarah. I will add more to this when I have more time. My crazy grandmother is freaking out because she cannot get to her internet page or ex out of it. *sigh* CLICK ON THE FREAKING RED EX IN THE CORNER! Okay. So, I love you guys and thanks for checking us out! :D We will have amazing crazy sauce crap. Enjoy!

Lizzie- "Shakira is like a jelly bunny."