Thursday, March 3, 2011


As many of you know, Sarah and I are both very bubbly and love talking...and talking. So we thought it a good idea to put our thoughts and stories down on paper, or on the screen, in this case. Anyways, we'd best warn you that we are random (^^) talkative, and have tons of stories and craziness and spazzz.
And yes, we are very...maybe a short? Some people like to call us midgets. Not nice...they are mean. We are FUN SIZE! YES! I SAID FUN SIZE! Like a toy...but not really. Please don't think that. We are adorable. I say cute. You know, like a bunny or a babies butt. But while the general term to define us is “short,” we prefer fun-sized and vertically challenged. But, while we are petite and cute, we have attitudes that make up for our lack of long legs. 
We frequently make up new words, have pic fales, and laugh. Hopefully we will make you laugh too!!
Be warned though! If you mess with one of us, we will pound the proud tallness....out of you. We will grab, claw, and kick like you have never seen before! We stay together like a clan. You know, like a pack of wolves?! Someday...SOMEDAY....we will form a group and make a tribe of "short" people. We will raid the tall people villages and steal your children. We will use them to grab stuff off selves that we can not reach! Rawr! So be aware what will happen if you make fun of our [tiny] size!
But on a happier note (I LOVE happy notes doo dah dee diddle dum) We love sharing our funny experiences with people, so it is our sincere hope that you will laugh your head off!
Thanks! And have fun reading our junky… and not so junky...awesome stuff! RAWR!  MEOW!
*Squeak of Awesomeness*

Okay, matter what happens...I know you will always love me. I decided to add this because you are the like bestest friend I could ever have. You have helped me so much! You make my life. I love you. -Sarah

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