Saturday, April 9, 2011


So...this is my Lizzie. I love her. I really do. She is amazing. :) We video chatted...and this is what I got! haha! I love making silly faces with her. She is sooo....funny.
Your the best!
Lizzie has seen me cry and laugh and has told me she loves me through the worst. I love her bunches. My best friend....:) She even told me I look pretty when I cry...which is like really nice...because I look like a troll. I seriously do! I look like a monster....thats very sad. And she made me day..because I NEVER cry in front of people...and i cried in front of her.....and thats awesome. <3 She's amazing. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I had a dream several nights ago...that she and I stayed with each other through the worst and the hardest times of our lives and when we got old...and our husbands had died, we sat on a porch and hugged and loved each other more than ever before. It meant sooooo much to me. I cried and cried knowing she's there for me. I love you , Elisabeth Miller.

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